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How To Use Our Toning Conditioners | oVertone

How To Use Our Toning Conditioners | oVertone

Get salon-worthy results with our hydrating Toning Conditioners. Wash away unwanted undertones, correct color, fight brassiness in 2-3 minutes. Here’s how to use our Toning Conditioners to achieve the best results. Toner cheat sheet: Purple Toning Conditioner Best for: Blonde, platinum, or silver hair. Neutralizes: Yellow and brassy undertones. Results in: Brighter blondes, vibrant silvers. Blue Toning Conditioner Best for: Blonde to brown hair, balayage, and highlights. Neutralizes: Orange and brassy undertones. Results in: Cooler highlights, neutral tones. Pink Toning Conditioner Best for: Platinum to dark blonde or silver hair. Neutralizes: Green and teal undertones. Results in: Brighter blondes, removal of undertones due to chlorine. Green Toning Conditioner Best for: Medium brown and blonde hair with warm undertones. Neutralizes: Warmer red and pink undertones. Results in: Cooler toned ashed browns, neutral warm tones. Vegan - Cruelty-free - No parabens - No ammonia - No dyes - No sulfates - Made for all hair types and textures Shop Toning Conditioner: Shop all oVertone products: Keep up with us on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Need help getting your dream hair color? Head over to Ready to find your perfect hair color? Check out our quiz Be sure to subscribe to our channel today and never miss a new video.
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